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We empower people  to break the cycle of unhealthy habits, move easier and feel more comfortable in their skin.

Meet Our Coaches

Hi! I’m Rock. As a former overweight and unmotivated person, I can’t believe I get to live in the body I do today. I was never in shape, although I should have been as much as I spent on gym memberships, supplements, and Tony Little’s Gazelle (anybody else remember that thing?). I tried every diet out there. Even when I was successful with sticking to the diet for a while, it was never sustainable. Who wants to be told what to eat? Certainly not me. Don’t tell me what to do.

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Why must weight loss be so hard???

Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” And I said, “OOOOhhhh…pick me! I can be lazy with the best of them.” My whole life has been challenging. I need for food to be easy. I need for my workout to be easy. I ate out because it’s easy. I skipped the gym because I was tired and it was an easy excuse. Laziness and excuses became my pattern.

“I don’t have time.”

“My clothes are uncomfortable.”

“I don’t know what to do when I get to the gym.”

“I hate running.”

“I hate people staring at me.”

“I should just try a supplement.”

“This diet will help me lose 20 pounds in 20 days. Then I’ll be motivated to stick with it. I just have to get over this hump.”

None of these statements helped me make my life easier, which I’ve discovered is a highly motivating part of working out. I couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel, and the work was hard, uncomfortable, and brought up all of my insecurities. What I needed was guidance and accountability. I can see that now, but at the time I was convinced I could do it on my own. Why did I waste so much time???

One day shortly after my 31st birthday, I hurt my back. I was young, seemingly healthy, and in constant pain. Everything stopped. Being unable to live comfortably and accomplish what you want is one thing, but being in constant pain and distress is motivating. I would have done anything to not feel like I did. That was my line in the sand.

Upon the recommendation of my chiropractor, I looked for a coach. I needed accountability and direction. I needed to not hurt myself. Finding the right person became a bigger challenge than I imagined. I met the cheerleader, who was so positive about every movement it made me uncomfortable. I met the cross-trainer, who was all about moving faster and pushing harder. I met the bodybuilder, who said to me the first time we met, “I’ll break you.” Um…..no thanks.

I found someone who spoke my language and went slow enough that I didn’t hate every second of it. We started off doing what I thought were dumb, pointless exercises. “Um, yeah, anybody can do this,” I thought. That’s the point. Anybody could, but I wasn’t. My coach kept pushing me in a way I was not able to push myself. She made the workouts fun. Step by step I got stronger. And you know what? I started making other positive changes in my life as things got easier. Life got easier. Things started falling into place.

What I’ve been able to do with my body and my life since then have been incredible.  I’m freer and more comfortable in my skin than ever, allowing me to do the things I enjoy and live the life I aspire to live. And this is why I do what I do. Helping other people find comfort in their skin is my purpose.

I focus on improving 1% every day. Maybe today it’s food. Maybe tomorrow it’s exercise. Every day is headed in the right direction. Every day I can do something. And over time it has gotten far easier to make bigger leaps. 

We’re human. We’re diverse. We make mistakes. And life is going to happen. I created Mavericks Fitness to help you focus on building resilience, self-compassion, and follow-through so that you accomplish your physical, spiritual, and mental goals. The coaches at Mavericks Fitness do this through movement, good nutrition, and radical self-honesty. 

Habit change is hard. But I truly believe it’s the key to a better tomorrow.

Dedicated to your success, Rock


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • American Council on Exercise Mind Body Agility Trainer
  • American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coach
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach Level 2
  • Dynamic Nueromuscular Stabilization for Exercise
  • Bikefit Certified Biomechanical Bike Fitter
  • Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified
  • Art of Motion’s Slings In Motion
  • Achology Certified Life Coach
  • Kabuki Strength Coach

Former Certifications

  • Usa Weightlifting Strength & Conditioning Coach

Growing up I was an athlete who dabbled in everything. I tried track and field, rock climbing, yoga, soccer, volleyball, and more. I fell in love with swimming and martial arts, and heavily pursued both. As an 8-year competitive butterfly swimmer I learned skills unique to the sport; such as breath control and shoulder mobility. As a third degree black belt, reaction times and foot health were of the utmost importance. Being young and ambitious I pushed my body to the limits and enjoyed every second of it.

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Being capable of pushing so hard I never fully appreciated what I could do, until I was struggling with everyday tasks.  At age 19 I was hit by a car and lost my love for exercise. I struggled to sit without pain, and getting dressed without something popping out, and I put on 40 pounds. Growing up I knew how to train for a goal, but being out of shape was completely unfamiliar.  I sought out a personal trainer to teach me the basics and realized how much more there is to learn. 

I fell in love with the journey of starting from scratch and building the body and mindset I wanted for my future.  My car accident was difficult to say the least, but in trying to find myself again; I found something much better. I was never going to be the “old” me again, instead I was a person with a new passion for life, new experiences, and new challenges. The person I am today explores health and wellness to find the next step, a better first step, and everything in between.

My clients have struggles like any person does; self-doubt, old injuries, time commitments, and just plain tired. My journey helped me learn these things don’t mean it’s impossible; we just have to find what is possible.


  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Biomechanics Corrective Exercise Specialist

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Client Testimonials

“I started with Kate individually and then joined a group class with Rock that meets twice per week. It has been a year. I also did the PN online classes. My weight is down, my energy is up, my diet is better than ever, and I’m sleeping well. Rock has designed workouts that navigate around my many old injuries and help me recover. He emphasizes habits and routines that include diet and exercise. The exercise focuses on  improving overall health, including core work. Kate and Rock are meticulously outfitting their new space to make it welcoming and functional. They are actively exploring the space where diet and exercise combine to improve immediate and long-term health. This has been an excellent experience for me.”

— BRENT, Professor

“Rock’s approach towards fitness and health is unique and effective. I first met him when I was rehabbing tendonitis in my knee, and he has been amazing in both identifying the structural issues and movements that aggravate it, and designing exercises around them. He is constantly learning and refining his exercises, and putting that knowledge to work with his clients. 

The weight loss program he uses, Precision Nutrition, has been a game changer for me. It’s gotten me off the diet wagon and into approaching my food in a whole different, healthier way. I’m not binging. I’m also not drinking hot lemon water every morning or eating bucketloads of sweet potatoes and kale because that’s what I’m *supposed* to do. I make choices that make sense to me, I pay more attention to what I’m tasting, and I eat until I’m satisfied, not stuffed. This is what sustainability looks like for me – not counting points or calories, just eating sensibly.

I highly recommend Maverick’s Fitness to anyone who wants to feel happier in their own bodies, and is frustrated with the traditional approaches to both fitness and dieting. It’s been an incredibly empowering journey. “

— KIM, Mom

“I first met rock in April 2016, when a friend invited me to join one of his group classes. I have a long history of going gung-ho on working out, only to injure myself, get discouraged, and quit. I expressed my fears to Rock and he encouraged me to go at a slower, steady pace. In the past 7 months we have significantly built up my core strength, increased my flexibility ten fold, and have established many healthy habits.

I haven’t been perfect with my food and have gone on vacation several times, but I am happy to report that I have lost 3 pounds, 4.25″ in the chest, 1.5″ in the upper arm, 7″ in the waist, 3″ in the thigh, 2″ in the calf, and 1″ in the hips. I have some big goals for the new year and will be focusing more on weight loss in the upcoming months, but for now I am ecstatic about my results. I am happier, healthier, and more in control than I’ve ever been in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Rock’s unwavering support. I whole-heartedly recommend Rock and Mavericks Fitness to anyone & everyone looking to make positive, lifelong changes.”

— BROOKLYN, Graphic Designer

“Finding a personal trainer is the worst part of having to relocate. Fortunately, my research proved well worthwhile with Kate…. and no, this is not a misprint….. Kate is another trainer at Maverick’s! I knew what I wanted in a trainer and Kate has meant every challenge I presented her with and there were several. I am over 60 and noticed that my balance, stamina and overall fitness was failing me which was quite frightening, so I thought I would try a personal trainer ONE more time. Kate’s approach, knowledge base, perseverance and encouragement has won me over. She has a remarkable grasp of the mechanics, physiology, anatomy and nutrition that has rewarded me with increased endurance, strength, balance and an overall sense of determination. She is not an  “in your face” trainer but she gets the same results as a trainer who might be BUT without experiencing any injuries, stress while working within my limitations and tailoring my workouts so I am always surprised. Also, I am loosing weight in the process… always a nice perk!”

— DARYL, Traveling Nurse

“When I had my consultation with Rock I was over weight and run down from a demanding work schedule. Rock was able to pinpoint my problem areas and helped to build the base strength back in order to avoid reoccurring injuries. I was first amazed by gaining flexibility in my feet again, now I am able to move more freely and without pain and feel more positive on a daily basis. My time training here has been great with amazing results and look forward to the continuing changes to come.”

— JASON, Bartender

“I started nutrition coaching with Rock in January of 2018. It was something I was curious about, but wasn’t really sure what to expect. Rock walked me through what Precision Nutrition is, the philosophy, and habit change modality. After talking with him I thought it seemed accessible and doable. Nutrition coaching sounded so different then anything else I’ve ever tried when it came to dieting.

I decided I need to see what it was all about. After 6 months of doing the program, I can’t fully express how much shifts when you start making small changes. I feel more empowered to make decision about my nutrition instead of mindless eating. I also feel like this is something I can continue to improve on and see it as a lifestyle, not just a one and done diet. It’s a slow process, which feels more sustainable. I’m someone who wants quick results, and can get discouraged, Rock reminds me that even the small wins are valuable. Most importantly, these daily check in’s and habit changes are positively impacting other areas of my life. Who knew saying yes, to something like nutrition coaching could affect all areas of my life? Well, Rock did but he let’s you figure that out for yourself. And that is the best part, Rock is here to support me in my growth, and not lecture at me what I “should” be doing. Its a true learning experience and something I’m looking forward to seeing how the next 6 months change my perspective and health.

If you’re looking to try something different, and  you are ready for a change I would 100% recommend reaching out to Rock and seeing what Mavericks Fitness has to offer you.”

— DeJON, Administrative Assistant