Infrared Light Half Sauna

Enhance your health with this safe and effective sauna!

Your lower body frequently feels strain and pressure causing a great imbalance in the circulation of the body which leads to stiffness, soreness, and injury for muscles and delicate joints. This sauna safely supports blood circulation, muscle relaxation, purification of the skin, and weight loss without straining the heart or cardiovascular system! With its unique ability to target the lower body, this sauna keeps your upper body cool, leaving you able to breathe easily and free to participate in normal activities such as reading and working on your laptop.

Unlike other cheaper, low-quality saunas, this Health Mate sauna is made of durable Canadian Western Red Cedar wood. Cedar is anti-microbial and non-toxic. This sauna is eco-certified and is distinguished by its beauty and exceptional durability.

Invest in your health and improve your life with this therapeutic sauna.


“Finding a personal trainer is the worst part of having to relocate. Fortunately, my research proved well worthwhile with Kate…. and no, this is not a misprint….. Kate is another trainer at Maverick’s! I knew what I wanted in a trainer and Kate has meant every challenge I presented her with and there were several. I am over 60 and noticed that my balance, stamina and overall fitness was failing me which was quite frightening, so I thought I would try a personal trainer ONE more time. Kate’s approach, knowledge base, perseverance and encouragement has won me over. She has a remarkable grasp of the mechanics, physiology, anatomy and nutrition that has rewarded me with increased endurance, strength, balance and an overall sense of determination. She is not an  “in your face” trainer but she gets the same results as a trainer who might be BUT without experiencing any injuries, stress while working within my limitations and tailoring my workouts so I am always surprised. Also, I am loosing weight in the process… always a nice perk!”

— DARYL, Traveling Nurse

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